Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blogging Etiquitte 101

Blogging Etiquitte 101

I have only been blogging since Sept. 2005; but I am amazed at the number of blogs and subjects blogged about that I have found. I joined
Blog Explosion and frequent their chat room, The Shout Box. It's a great community of bloggers and I have made some good online blogging buddies. I have also learned quite a bit about blogging from the people there. One thing I have noticed is that we can all benefit by being "Click Buddies". See my post and learn what a Click Buddy is. I love to surf the web and visit other people's blogs. I beleive we all should adhere to the etiquitte rules I have listed here when visiting other blogs.
  1. Don't just surf to earn credits, make sure you read at least one post on the blog you are visiting
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Be nice, remember the whole world can view your comments
  4. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, reciprocate and visit their blog. Make sure you follow the first three rules above while you are there
  5. In the case of Blog Explosion, take the time to visit the renter on the blog you are visiting and again, follow rules 1-3 above while you are on that blog
  6. Battle of the Blogs is a great feature of Blog Explosion, so also take a few minutes to vote on the battles that are going on
  7. When you are in the Shout Box or other chat rooms be nice. Bloggers have feelings too. If you must argue or say negative things about someone else, take the discussion out of public veiw. Send an email or IM the person, keep the squabbles private.
If we all abide by these view simple rules of etiquitte, the blog world will be a much nicer place, and we will all benefit. I look forward to your comments. I'll see you in cyberspace.


Luka said...

that's one hell of a loop you get there from #1 - #4 in rule #6. Clickin on the renters blogs - you might never get back to what you were doing orginally :) I'm skipping that one. Oh, and 7 and 8 I already do :)

cmmdtp said...

Thanks for the comment luka. BTW, I like the skin changer you have on your blog new...way cool!

Allnightorg said...

I try to do all the "rules" you have listed. I even go as far as trying to plug anyone who comments on my site!

Benjamin Solah said...

I think these are sensible rules, except maybe the thing about adsense. I think the thing about returning your commenters comments is important - probably one of the the most important rules in the blogosphere.

OldGuy said...

Excellent points all Mike.

Hopefully people will follow your advice.

Cheers from the Tree House.

Weirded Out said...

I've been blogging privately for family for about a year, and finally decided to try some news things publically. Your etiquitte rules makes sense.

p.s. Thanks for accepting the Battle of the Blogs challenge. I hope people go easy on me . . . it's my first time.

OldGuy said...

Me again

I aded you to my Blogroll, fifured it was about time I did that.

Carol said...

Good points and good post! I'm going to link to it. Thanks!

JBL said...

I think that these are all excellent points. I will use them as I surf blogs. I am UM minister's spouse and appreciate your voice here.

cmmdtp said...

Jane, thanks for comment. By the way you may be interested in my new blog which is only Christian posts...

Beth said...

This is a very helpful post. I found you through The Median Sib's blog and am putting a link to this on my blog.

I have to agree with luka though. Sometimes (well, a lot really), when I click on renters and links, I end up getting lost and never find my way back to the original blog :(

Thanks so much for sharing - especially with newbies like me :)

WendyWings said...

Good rules, most of which I do anyway :)