Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blown Away by BB King!

Blown Away by BB King

Last night I had the opportunity to see the one and only BB King perform...what an awesome show! I was blown away by the King of the Blues!
The man is 81 years old, and a diabetic but he played his heart out for a packed house for two hours non-stop! He had to sit in a chair to play but that didn't slow him down...he rocked the house!

Ever since I first picked up a guitar 45 years ago it has been my dream to see BB King play. I am so grateful to my wonderful wife Christine, who made all of this possible by getting me the tickets for father's day.

What an inspiration BB King is. Not only because he is a great guitar player, but also because he is 81 and a diabetic. I too am a diabetic and sometimes it really slows me down. However, after seeing what BB could do last night I will think twice about complaining that I don't feel up to doing something because of my diabetes!

The show started out with his band playing a couple of numbers with a horn section a bass guitar, drummer and keyboard. Then they brought out the man himself. BB brought the crowd to its feet as he took the stage and strapped on "Lucille"!

He then proceeded to sing and play like only BB King can do and kept us entertained for two hours. Every now and then he would tell a story between songs, some people didn't like all the talking, but I could listen to him ramble on all night long as long as he played a few licks in between stories!

If you haven't seen BB King perform yet...make sure you catch his show next time he's in town!