Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

I's only October, but before you know it Christmas will be here! Here are a couple of unique gift ideas if you want to get the jump on Christmas shopping. These make great gifts for the children on your list. Who wouldn't like a letter from Santa himself?

Ask Santa to write to a child this Christmas
Here is something the kids are sure to like. Personalized children's books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child, make them a character in the book.

Personalized Children's Books. Click here!

Get your Christmas shopping done early and avoid the last minute rush. More great gift ideas coming soon.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Too Busy to Blog

Sorry...I have been so busy lately, I haven't had any time for blogging! I will try to get back into my blogging mode again soon. Meanwhile here is a quick post.

Speaking about busy...I was so upset because the season premier of "Lost" is on tonight, and I won't be home to see it! To make matters worse, my VCR is broken and I can't record it! However, today as I was surfing the net, I discovered that I can watch the entire show for FREE on tomorrow! Thank you ABC, what a wonderful feature! So tomorrow at work I will be watching "Lost"!

On Oct. 18th I am going up to Connecticut for a wedding. This will be the first time I went back home for a joyous reason...the last couple of times were for funerals! Hopefully, the leaves will be peaking about that time and I will get to see fall the way it should be. I really do miss the changing of the leaves. Here in North Carolina they change, but it is no way even close to the bright orange and reds and yellows in Connecticut.

Well...that's all the time I have for to tune my guitar and run up to church to practice. I am playing in our "Praise Band" at church. It's great to be playing the guitar again, I hadn't played in a long time. Will post more on this subject at a later date.