Thursday, November 16, 2006

Develop Irresistible Attraction In Five Easy Steps

Develop Irresistible Attraction In Five Easy Steps
by: Connie Domino, MPH, RN

Stop struggling to achieve success & happiness ... learn how to ATTRACT people, things & opportunities you want in your life! In this book, learn the secrets to becoming Irresistibly Attractive. We're always attracting "stuff" into our lives, so why not use the Law of Attraction to attract the "stuff" we really want in all areas of our life?LEARN how in five simple steps to achieve in as little as two weeks such dreams as ...

* More Money
* New Romantic Relationships
* Improved Family Relationships
* New Jobs
* Job Promotions
* Increased Sales
* More Customers
* Make the Life you Dream about a Reality!

Sometimes our thinking, feelings and strategies only need fine tuning a fraction of an inch for our grandest goals and dreams to come true. Through the familiar structure of goal setting, Connie Domino teaches you the all important "How" to word your goals. She'll show you how to fine tune your thinking, feelings and self-talk for very quick results.