Friday, December 14, 2007

A New You in the New Year in 5 Easy Steps

A New You in the New Year in 5 Easy Steps
By: Mike Marinaro

Every year about this time people make ridiculous New Year's resolutions that they never end up sticking to. Don't be one of those people. Here are some resolutions that are easy to obtain and will make you feel good about yourself!

1. Every day do something just for you
We all get busy doing whatever it is that we do on a daily basis and more often than not we have very little time for ourselves. So this year make sure that you set aside a little bit of time each and every day, just for you! It can be something as simple as taking a walk, working in your garden, reading a book, writing in your journal, or drinking a cup of your favorite tea. Just make sure it is something out of your ordinary routine…something that you do just for you to make yourself feel good!

2. Learn something new each month
Change is a good thing! It is too easy to fall into the same old boring routine and before you know it you find yourself in a big rut! Set a goal to learn something new each month this year. It could be a foreign language, or maybe taking a class in pottery or a dance lesson, maybe learning to play the guitar. By doing new things you will feel much better about yourself.

3. Pat yourself on the back
You deserve it…if no else tells you what a great job you have done; then give yourself a big pat on the back! Your accomplishments are important so make sure you recognize them and treat yourself to something nice when you reach a goal or achieve something you have been trying to do for a long time.

4. Stay healthy in the New Year
Fitness is important, and it will make you feel better if you are healthy. Make a little time each week to exercise and try to eat healthier in the New Year. There are thousands of different diets out there and they all suck! If you are anything like me it's very difficult to stick to a regimented diet and exercise program; however, I have found that just by recognizing that I need to eat healthier and exercise regularly, it helps. Here are a few tips: •Be aware of what you eat and how much you eat •Avoid the fast food joints •Cut out the late night snacks •Park far away from the store not real close…the walk will do you good •If you are watching TV, do a few sit-ups or crunches instead of just sitting there eating popcorn

5. Set goals that are obtainable
Goal setting is important, but make sure you set goals that are obtainable. Instead of saying that you are going to lose twenty pounds this year; how about just saying that you will work on eating healthier and exercising more so you can lose some weight. Keep track of your progress and reward yourself for sticking to your exercise schedule and eating plan. Before you know you will have lost a few pounds! It's much easier and a whole lot less frustrating to set goals that you can actually reach! Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marion Jones Stripped of Her Gold!

The International Olympic Committee officially stripped Marion Jones of her five Olympic medals and wiped her name from the record books. She was the first female track and field athlete to win five medals at a single Olympics. Now that accomplishment has been erased!

Jones had previously denied using performance-enhancing drugs; however, in October she admitted to using steroids before the Sydney Olympics. The IOC also banned Jones from the Beijing Olympics next year. They don't want her to attend in any capacity...not as an athelete or a coach. The IOC may also ban her from future
games as well.

Jones' problems aren't over with yet. The United States Olympic Committee has asked her to repay more than 100,000 dollars in prize and bonus money she had received. All of this bad news for Marion Jones, but good news for the war against doping. It shows that the rules will be strickly enforced and the cheats will be exposed.

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